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Rose Spreading Fertiliser Hoogies
Trial Plot Fertiliser Spreading

We have highly experienced staff here at Hoogies who can help you with all your pasture renovation needs.

Our Agronomist, Rose Beyer, can offer you friendly advice on both seed and fertiliser. We offer soil testing, and are more than happy to come out for a “paddock walk” to help establish a good understanding of your requirements. Full recommendations available for your pasture needs. We carry and have access to a full range of pre-mixed and custom blend, as well as specialised equine blends.

Hoogies offer:

  • Soil Testing
  • Pasture Seed
  • Equine Blend Pasture Seed
  • Lawn Seed
  • Small bagged Fertiliser
  • Bulka Bag Fertiliser
  • Bulk Fertiliser
  • Bulk Bin Fertiliser

Carting and spreading service also available

Equiturf plot 31 days
Equiturf Pasture Fertiliser Comparison Left: Unfertilised Right: Fertilised with Greentop Complete







We sell Incitec Pivot and Dinofert fertilisers among other brands, for all your plant and soil requirements.

Whether you have a few fruit trees, a vibrant veggie garden or putting down a new lawn, we have a fertiliser to best suit.

We also carry a range of organic fertilisers.

If your soil or tissue test reveals any deficiencies, these can be corrected with our selection of major nutrients as well as trace element. We can also arrange for special custom blends in tonne lots if needed.

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