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chemicalsWe stock an extensive range of chemicals for your vineyard, orchard, farm or property.

Whether you are looking for herbicide, fungicide or insecticide, Hoogies have you covered!

Select the appropriate weed control product from our ‘knockdown’, ‘selective’ and ‘pre-emergent’ herbicides.

Boost the effectiveness of your chemicals with our specially selected adjuvants. We carry wetting agents, stickers, penetrates, pH buffers, crop oils, dyes, foam markers, and insecticide flavour additives.

If you’re a Weed Control Contractor, we can supply your bulk Roundup Ultramax Hoogieschemicals.

We also stock Silvan Selecta and Solo Sprayers to help you get the job done properly. They range from 15l knapsacks to 200l spray tanks and 1000l+ tanks.


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